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Greetings fellow shavers!

My name is Mark Miller and I’m your guide here at

I have warm childhood memories of watching grandpa shave with a classic Gillette double edge safety razor.

I never ONCE heard him complain about it!

But when I hit puberty and it was MY turn to start shaving, I sneered at the idea of shaving with a prehistoric safety razor!

I was *seduced* by targeted ads showing neon orange arrow dynamic razors that held cartridges with 3 to 5 blades, “lubricating strips” and other silly bells and whistles.

It seemed like every 6 months I had to throw away my razor to get the *next* cutting edge one with even more blades and lubricating strips per cartridge! Along with the “extras” came a bigger cartridge price, yet each cartridge lasted the same short time.

I hit my breaking point when I bought a new battery operated cartridge razor that gave me the WORSE shave ever!

I finally realized I was paying over $3 for a cartridge that was impossible to clean and lasted only a week.