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Best Safey Razor for a Gift

I often get asked “what’s the best safety razor to give for a gift”?

Whether it’s for Christmas, Fathers Day or a birthday, I’ve always recommended giving a safety razor “gift set” that includes a brush, shaving soap and more…

Otherwise, it’s like giving a kid a toy car without the batteries…

Even worse, you can buy batteries EVERYWHERE… safety razor blades, brushes and shaving soap are MUCH harder to find!

They’re going to want to use their new razor RIGHT AWAY…

So be a good gift giver and give them everything they need to use their new razor IMMEDIATELY :-)

I recommend the Merkur Safety Razor Gift Set

Merkur Razor Gift SetThis gift set starts with the Merkur 34C Heavy Duty Classic, one of the most well respected and best trusted safety razors on the market…

Made in Germany, this razor is 100% quality and has a nice chrome finish to make it even more appealing…

Next is the matching chrome-handled badger hair brush. If you are unfamiliar with shaving brushes, badger hair is like the diamond of brush hair while boars hair is like the cubic zirconia :-)

There’s a matching chrome stand to hold your brush and razor. This will allow them to dry and keep everything sharp and sanitary.

Last but not least is a bar of Colonel Conk Shaving Soap and a chrome shaving bowl. Colonel Conk’s is the the king of shaving soap!

The only thing missing from this set is the blades, so you’ll want to also add some Merkur blades to your cart by clicking here

Give the man in your life this gift set and he’ll love it!

He’ll be sure to use this stylish and quality set every morning, and he’ll be reminded of how great you are for giving him such a good gift :-)

Order yours now at Amazon!


There you go, my pick for best safety razor to give for a gift!

If it doesn’t fit your bill, check out my other double edge safety razor reviews for more options at different price points…