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Micro Touch One Review – Classic Safety Razor SCAM?

Merkur Model 180 Safety Razor Review

Merkur 1904 Gillette Replica Safety Razor Review

Parker 91R Razor Review – Super Heavyweight Double Edge Safety Razor

Merkur 34C Review – HD Safety Razor

Parker 98R Ultra Heavy Weight Double Edge Safety Razor Review

Edwin Jagger DE Double Edge Safety Razor Review

Up until a week ago, I thought the safety razor industry was limited to just 3 major players… * Merkur Razor from Germany * Parker razor from India * Weishi Razor from China Well, I’m proud to announce a fourth contender… Edwin Jagger razors from England!

Parker 82R Super HeavyWeight Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor Review

Parker 96R Double Edge Safety Razor Review

The Parker 96R Double Edge Safety Razor is a HOT razor right now… This is the long awaited revision of the Parker 96R that has the NEW HEAD for 2010! This razor has some pimped out features:

Best Safey Razor for a Gift

I often get asked “what’s the best safety razor to give for a gift”? Whether it’s for Christmas, Fathers Day or a birthday, I’ve always recommended giving a safety razor “gift set” that includes a brush, shaving soap and more… Otherwise, it’s like giving a kid a toy car without the batteries… Even worse, you [...]

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