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Gillette Fusion vs Safety Razors vs Schick Hydro 5 vs Mach3 vs Quattro – Best Razor For Men REVEALED

How To Keep Razor Blades Sharp

I often get asked “how do you keep razor blades sharp“? I use a 3 step process that makes my razor blades last twice as long…

What Is The Best Introductory Safety Razor?

I often get asked “what’s the best introductory safety razor”? Usually it’s from someone who wants to try them out or buy one as a gift… Most safety razors function alike so no one razor is going to have a steeper learning curve than another… So when I recommend introductory safety razors to people, I [...]

Comparison between Merkur Razors vs. Parker Razors vs. Weishi Razors

I often get asked “what’s the difference between the current double edge safety razors manufacturers?” Let me first say, each company makes quality razors. They also offer several different styles to meet your needs and price range. This leads me to the MAIN difference… they are manufactured in different countries! There are currently NO company [...]