double edge safety razor blades | Gillette Fusion vs Safety Razors vs Schick Hydro 5 vs Mach3 vs Quattro – Best Razor For Men REVEALED

Gillette Fusion vs Safety Razors vs Schick Hydro 5 vs Mach3 vs Quattro – Best Razor For Men REVEALED

I often get asked by guys.

“What’s the difference between a classic double edge safety razor and a Gillette Fusion (or Mach3 or Schick Quattro or Hydro 5)?”

My simple answer is “THE PRICE!

Often the fancy cartridge razors DO NOT give you a better shave. Especially compared to a classic double edge safety razor. But they DO charge you 20X as much for the replacement blades!

Let me explain.

The Rise Of Straight Razors.

Prior to the early 1900s, men shaved with straight razors.

After each use, you realigned and polished the blade by stropping it with a leather strop.

These razors had a high upfront cost, but there was no need to buy anything more later.

That’s GOOD for consumers. But BAD for big money enterprises and their stockholders.

The Rise Of Safety Razors.

In the early 1900s, King C. Gillette came up with his own business model based on safety razors.

Safety razors were much easier to use than straight razors because less of the blade was exposed.

There was also no need to tediously strop and sharpen the blade. Instead you threw it away and bought a new one.

Safety razors were legitimate. There was less deep cutting while shaving. Disposable razor blades were convenient.

The safety razor was cheaper than the old straight razor upfront. But Gillette made more money in the long haul by selling the replacement razor blades.

The Downfall Of Straight Razors.

The problem was that Gillette did not patent the razor design or blades, so other companies started making the blades and selling them cheaper.
At the peak of safety razors, 30 companies made safety razor blades!

Gillette then decided to make a patented double bladed razor that used disposable “cartridges”.

Because of the exclusive patent, no other company could make cartridges for it thus eliminating competition and allowing them to charge any price they wanted for the cartridges.

These twin blade cartridges typically cost about 50 cents each. That was already about 4X as much as a safety razor blade.

That’s more earnings for Gillette. Soon Gillette stopped advertising and making double edge safety razors. They had a new cash cow!

The Rise Of Proprietary Cartridge Razors.

In 1998, when Gillette took cartridge razors a step further by creating the “Mach3″ razor.

With the use of coupons and promotions, the actual razor and first cartridge were practically given away to consumers.

But the money was easily made up on the expensive replacement cartridges. Some cost consumers over $2 each. They allegedly cost only pennies to make.

The profit margins on these cartridges were sometimes as much as 4500%!

Next came additional Mach3 razors and cartridges with terms like “Turbo” and “Power” added to the name.

These cartridges sold for even more!

Schick got into the action and created the Quattro, a razor with a cartridge containing FOUR blades.

Gillette fought back and created a FIVE blade cartridge razor called the “Gillette Fusion“.

And just recently, Schick released their own five blade cartridge razor called the “Schick Hydro 5“.

The cartridges gradually became MORE AND MORE expensive as time went on.

They added cryptic enhancements like “FlexBalls” and “LubraStrips” and “MicroCombs”. And the price went up, up and UP!

So Which Razor Gives You The Best Shave?

The straight razor was simply tedious and dangerous to use. So I’ll eliminate it.

But one could argue their case for any of the other razors available. I’ve used them all and have gotten good shaves.

But when you take COST into consideration, the answer is UNANIMOUS.


You can typically get TWENTY FIVE double edge safety razor blades for the price of JUST ONE fancy multi-blade cartridge!

And surprisingly, most people I’ve talked to claim that the old safety razor gives the closest and best shave.

Safety razors are easy to clean. You can quickly open the head and wash and dry the blade. It’s practically IMPOSSIBLE to clean all the hair and gunk from those multi-blade cartridges! And if you can’t clean and dry the blades, it gets DULLER faster.

So if you are SICK of paying ridiculously inflated prices for cheap plastic razor cartridges that are impossible to clean… you may want to try a good ol’ double edge safety razor!

The TRUE Cost Of Shaving – Gillette Fusion Vs Safety Razor.

Here’s some detailed information on the money you could be saving if you ordered yourself a double edge safety razor TODAY.


Lets assume you use one cartridge or blade every 2 weeks. If you go through cartridges even faster, your saving will increase to even MORE.

Gillette Fusion Proglide

Upfront razor cost (MSRP list price): $14.29 (comes with 2 cartridges)

Replacement cartridge cost (MSRP list price): 8 for $32.44 = $4.05 each

True 1st Year Cost (razor + 24 cartridges) = $14.29 + (24 x $4.05) = $111.49
Cost Per Subsequent Year (26 cartridges) = 26 x $4.05 = $105.30

If you shave between the years of 16 to 76 (60 years), your lifetime shaving cost for razor and blades will be:
$111.49 + (59 x $105.30) = $6324.19

Double Edge Safety Razor

Merkur 180 Long Handled Safetry Razor (the top selling safety razor currently) (MSRP list price): $37

Replacement Personna blades (the top selling double edge razor blades) (MSRP list price): 100 for $17.50 = $0.18 each

True 1st Year Cost (razor + 26 blades) = $37.00 + (26 * $0.18) = $41.68
Cost Per Subsequent Year (26 blades) = 26 * $0.18 = $4.68

If you shave between the years of 16 to 76 (60 years), your lifetime shaving cost for razor and blades will be:
$41.68 + (59 x $4.68) = $317.80

So the Gillette Fusion Powerglide will cost you $6324.19 for your lifetime, while a Merkur safety razor and Personna blades will cost only $317.80.

Now I know some people are thinking “the difference is only a few thousand dollars over 60 years, BIG WHOOP!”

But that’s not taking INTEREST into consideration!

Most people invest their money into 401k plans with mutual funds. The goal is to average 10% earnings per year.

So lets take the money spent on a razor and blades through out the year and invest it into a 10% earning mutual fund where the interest is compounded monthly.

While the $317.80 for a lifetime of safety razor blades becomes $31,471.67.

That $66324.19 for a lifetime of Gillette Fusion Powerglide cartridges become $413,763.24!

So that fancy multi-blade cartridge system is really costing you $382,345.57 more throughout your lifetime!

But wait!

Are you in debt? If so, it’s even worse!

Most credit cards charge 15% interest. That would make the difference even MORE!

And here’s the REAL KICKER. Over the past 17 years, the price of safety razors and blades have remained CONSTANT.

WHY? Because there’s COMPETITION.

But what has happened to the price of those multi-blade cartridges?

They have DOUBLED in price. The first Mach3 cartridges were about $2, while the current Fusion Powerglide cartridges are about $4.

Sure, there may be more blades and bells ‘n whistles in the newer cartridge, but they last about the SAME.

Why is this so? Because there’s NO COMPETITION for Gillette Fusion Powerglide cartridges! You either buy them from Gillette directly, or you buy a similarly priced Schick Hydro 5 razor and cartridge.

I’m not Miss Cleo, so I cannot predict the future. But based on the trends of the past 17 years, double edge razor blades are going to probably remain about the same price… while the “newest” Gillette multi-blade cartridge is going to be MORE expensive YET.

It makes that $382,345.57 difference seem even more CONSERVATIVE. There’s potential that you could save a MILLION DOLLARS if you use safety razor blades.

What can I say… the math doesn’t lie!


CONCLUSION: Try A Safety Razor And Save Lots Of Money!

The conclusion is that those patented, proprietary multi-blade cartridges are costing you a SMALL FORTUNE.

Gillette knew what they were doing. They were taking money from your pocket and putting it into their pocket. Then used slick marketing to make you think they were doing YOU a FAVOR by doing so!

It’s time for you to keep YOUR money in YOUR pocket.

I HIGHLY suggest getting a double edge safety razor and some blades.

Give it a try. If you don’t like it, go back to your cartridges.

The investment is only about $40. I suggest getting the best selling and highly rated Merkur razor and a box of 100 Personna blades.

I have a feeling you’re going to actually PREFER the safety razor and blades over your Fusion or Hydro.

I hope I finally answered the question of Gillette Fusion vs Safety Razors vs Schick Hydro 5 vs Mach3 vs Quattro.

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For a better shave,

Mike “Razor Master” Miller
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