double edge safety razor blades | Micro Touch One Review – Classic Safety Razor SCAM?

Micro Touch One Review – Classic Safety Razor SCAM?

You demanded a Micro Touch One Review. And Mike “Razor Master” Miller finally delivers.

The Micro Touch One Classic Safety Razor has been heavily advertised on TV.

Let’s find out if it is truly worth getting… or if the Micro Touch One is a scam.

Micro Touch One Review – BASICS

The Micro Touch One is a heavily advertised and affordable introductory double edge safety razor. You’ve probably saw the TV commercial with Rick Harrison from Pawn Stars or former NFL player Brett Favre.

For less than $20 you get a razor, stand and 12 blades to get you started. Obviously, it’s marketed as an affordable alternative for men who are sick of expensive multi-blade cartridge razors like the Gillette Fusion or Schick Hydro 5. If that’s you, keep reading.

Micro Touch One Review – FEATURES

The Micro Touch One safety razor is made of brass and it’s chrome plated.

It’s a standard “butterfly open” razor. This means you twist a knob at the bottom of the handle and the head opens from each side so that you can clean and change the blade.

The handle is about 3″ long (~8cm). It has a textured grip handle.

The head is not adjustable and it’s at a roughly 45 degree angle.

Micro Touch One Review – QUALITY

The majority of modern safety razors are made in either Germany, India, United Kingdom or China. Typically, the one’s made in China are of the worst quality.

The Micro Touch One safety razor is made in China.

The main problem is that the butterfly opening mechanism has a tendency to fail. Then you cannot open and close it to change blades and clean it. The razor then becomes useless.

The Micro Touch One razor is also lighter than others. A heavier razor typically gives you a smoother shave. You can let the weight of razor do the shaving rather than be forced to apply extra pressure.

I also prefer a longer handle with safety razors. A longer handle allows you to have better range, particularly when shaving your neck.

Otherwise, overall the brass and chrome plating are adequate. I experienced no pitting or chipping.

Micro Touch One Review – CONCLUSION

If you’re reading this, you’re probably new to safety razors and interested in trying one. Good for you! I’m a MAJOR advocate of double edge safety razors.

In my opinion, double edge safety razors are the BEST solution for an affordable quality shave. The new multi-blade cartridge razors came to rise because Gillette could not patent the double edge razors and blades. That allowed 3rd parties to compete with them in making replacement blades. This drove the price of replacement blades way down. In fact, today you can still buy quality replacement blades for mere pennies each.

Ultimately, Gillette would only make about $30 off a man during the course of his life. That’s why they switched to patented cartridges for $3+. Third parties will get sued if they make replacement cartridges. Gillette can now make THOUSANDS of dollars on a man during the course of his shaving years. But what earns Gillette thousands ultimately costs YOU thousands!

The Micro Touch One classic safety razor is well marketed. It is highly visible and reasonably priced. For less than $20 you get a razor, stand and some blades. If you were not knowledgeable of safety razors, it seems like an obvious choice.

But here’s the truth, you can buy a cheap Chinese made safety razor for only a couple dollars. You’ll get a sub par shave and it probably won’t last long.

You can get a GREAT double edge safety razor made in Germany for about $30. It will give you a great shave and last you your whole life.

The Micro Touch One is a ‘made in China’ razor at a mid range price.

I understand that if you are only curious about safety razors, you might not want to invest $30 into a quality razor. If that’s the case, I think a super cheap Chinese safety razor makes more sense than the Micro Touch One. You won’t have much money invested and by the time it breaks, you’ll know if safety razors are for you. You then can either upgrade to a more quality safety razor or go back to your prior multi-blade cartridge razor.

But for the majority of those reading this, I highly recommend jumping right to a ‘Made In Germany’ Merkur, ‘Made In India’ Parker or ‘Made In UK’ Edwin Jagger razor. Like I said, they are only about $30 and they’ll last you YEARS. The Merkur 180 Long Handle razor is a great choice and is the top selling safety razor at Amazon. It also gets great ratings at Amazon.

In as soon as a couple months, a good quality safety razor will pay for itself when you find yourself paying only 13ยข per replacement blade compared to $3+ for a replacement multi-blade cartridge.

In conclusion, I give the Micro Touch One 3 out of 5 stars. There’s better options for you whether you spend more or less.

That’s my Micro Touch One review and opinion.

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-Mark Miller
Safety Razor Expert And Reviewer