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How To Keep Razor Blades Sharp

I often get asked “how do you keep razor blades sharp“?

I use a 3 step process that makes my razor blades last twice as long…

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Colonel Conk World’s Famous Shaving Soap Review

Along with the recent resurgence of double edge safety razors comes the resurgence of shaving soap…

To use shaving soap, you just need to put it in a shaving bowl and add a bit of water to it…

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Edwin Jagger DE Double Edge Safety Razor Review

Up until a week ago, I thought the safety razor industry was limited to just 3 major players…

* Merkur Razor from Germany
* Parker razor from India
* Weishi Razor from China

Well, I’m proud to announce a fourth contenderEdwin Jagger razors from England!

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Parker 82R Super HeavyWeight Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor Review

The Parker 82R safety razor is the newest and hottest razor out there…

Released only a couple months ago to rave reviews, the coolest feature of this razor is the EXTRA WEIGHT

The Parker 82R razor is 10% Heavier than your typical heavyweight razor (3.3 ounces vs. 3.0 ounces)…

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Parker 96R Double Edge Safety Razor Review

Parker 96R Double Edge Butterfly Safety Razor

The Parker 96R Double Edge Safety Razor is a HOT razor right now…

This is the long awaited revision of the Parker 96R that has the NEW HEAD for 2010!

This razor has some pimped out features:

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Shark Razor Blades Review – Super Chrome Double Edge Blade

If you are looking for good, cheap double edge safety razor blades, get yourself a 100 pack of Shark double edge safety razor blades…

I got a great, even shave using these with little irritation…

100 SHARK SUPER CHROME DOUBLE EDGE SAFETY RAZOR BLADESThe special Super Chome coating seemed to make the blades last longer than most…

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Best Safey Razor for a Gift

I often get asked “what’s the best safety razor to give for a gift”?

Whether it’s for Christmas, Fathers Day or a birthday, I’ve always recommended giving a safety razor “gift set” that includes a brush, shaving soap and more…

Otherwise, it’s like giving a kid a toy car without the batteries…

Even worse, you can buy batteries EVERYWHERE… safety razor blades, brushes and shaving soap are MUCH harder to find!

They’re going to want to use their new razor RIGHT AWAY…

So be a good gift giver and give them everything they need to use their new razor IMMEDIATELY :-)

I recommend the Merkur Safety Razor Gift Set

Merkur Razor Gift SetThis gift set starts with the Merkur 34C Heavy Duty Classic, one of the most well respected and best trusted safety razors on the market…

Made in Germany, this razor is 100% quality and has a nice chrome finish to make it even more appealing…

Next is the matching chrome-handled badger hair brush. If you are unfamiliar with shaving brushes, badger hair is like the diamond of brush hair while boars hair is like the cubic zirconia :-)

There’s a matching chrome stand to hold your brush and razor. This will allow them to dry and keep everything sharp and sanitary.

Last but not least is a bar of Colonel Conk Shaving Soap and a chrome shaving bowl. Colonel Conk’s is the the king of shaving soap!

The only thing missing from this set is the blades, so you’ll want to also add some Merkur blades to your cart by clicking here

Give the man in your life this gift set and he’ll love it!

He’ll be sure to use this stylish and quality set every morning, and he’ll be reminded of how great you are for giving him such a good gift :-)

Order yours now at Amazon!


There you go, my pick for best safety razor to give for a gift!

If it doesn’t fit your bill, check out my other double edge safety razor reviews for more options at different price points…

What Is The Best Introductory Safety Razor?

I often get asked “what’s the best introductory safety razor”?

Usually it’s from someone who wants to try them out or buy one as a gift…

Most safety razors function alike so no one razor is going to have a steeper learning curve than another…

So when I recommend introductory safety razors to people, I base them on price and looks…

With no further delay, here are my top two picks:

#2 – Weishi Razor – No Frills, No Sticker Shock

Weishi RazorThe Weishi Razor is a plain and simple safety razor that won’t break your pocket book but also isn’t going to bring out the bells and whistles…

Costing around $25, it’s an affordable and relatively reliable razor made in China.

After using this razor for a month, you’ll have a better idea if safety razors are your thing or not. From there, you can graduate to a more pricey razor later if you like…

I consider it a good “gateway” razor…

Order yours now at Amazon and save $6.50 and get free shipping!


#1 – Parker 22R Safety Razor – A Modern Looking Old Fashion Safety Razor

Parker 22R Double Edge Butterfly Safety RazorGillette and Schtick have spent millions if not billions of advertising dollars trying to persuade you that safety razors are “uncool” and “dinosaurs” while a flimsy neon orange plastic razor with 6 blades is “cool” and “stylish”…

Yeah, it’s a bunch of BS!

What I like about the Parker 22R is that it looks COOLER than those dopey cartridge toy razors!

It looks stylish, modern and manly… it’s a hunk of shining metal!

If I had to shave in front of 100 attractive women, I’d MUCH rather be shaving with the Parker 22R than a crappy Fusion any day!

The 22R breaks all the stereotypical molds that safety razors are for “grandpas”… that, along with it’s reasonable price (around $30) and good quality makes it my #1 pick for best introductory safety razor…

No wonder why it’s also the top selling safety razor!

Get yours at Amazon today and save $5 and get free shipping…


There you go, my picks for best introductory safety razors!

If none of these fit your bill, check out my other double edge safety razor reviews for more options…

Parker 22R Double Edge Butterfly Safety Razor Review

Parker 22R Double Edge Butterfly Safety Razor

The Parker 22R Double Edge Butterfly Safety Razor sure DOESN’T look like your Grandpa’s safety razor!

This is a sweet safety razor with a modern design twist. Along with the space-age looks comes a solid razor with…

  • Long handle (4 inch vs. typical 3 inch) for a long reach and easy shaving of the neck
  • Heavyweight at 2.8 ounces… the weight of the head will relieve the need of applying pressure and thus eliminate potential cuts and abrasions
  • Brass frame with nickel plating and a gunmetal finish
  • So enough about the looks and features, how are the reviews?

    You can check them out for yourself here… but the reviews look great!

    With 56 people reviewing it, the average rating is 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.

    Here’s a few of the comments…

    “…I have NEVER and I repeat NEVER had a shave so close in my entire life…”

    “…No razor burn, and shaving is fun again! Goodbye Gillette forever!…”

    “…The razor has a beautiful design, is fairly heavy and the shave is extremely close…”

    So there you go! You can read the reviews yourself but this looks like a solid razor at a great price.

    Click here to order it at Amazon and get FREE shipping…

    Comparison between Merkur Razors vs. Parker Razors vs. Weishi Razors

    I often get asked “what’s the difference between the current double edge safety razors manufacturers?”

    Let me first say, each company makes quality razors. They also offer several different styles to meet your needs and price range.

    This leads me to the MAIN difference… they are manufactured in different countries!

    There are currently NO company manufacturing safety razors in the United States.

    So where are the most popular razors made?

    Merkur Razors – Made In Germany -

    Generally, Merkur razors are the most popular because they are manufactured in Germany. People have this general perception that anything made in Germany must be superior, whether it is true or not.

    You can see my Merkur Razor reviews or click here to find the Merkur razors available now at Amazon…


    Parker Razors – Made In India -

    Parker razors are manufactured in India. They have a good reputation and many like the ornate handles and fine craftsmanship offered from India.

    You can see my Parker Razor reviews or click here to find the Parker razors available now at Amazon…..


    Weishi Razors – Made In China -

    Weishi razors are manufactured in China. Many people are unfairly biased against anything made in China.

    You have to keep in mind that since the labor costs are lower in China, you can often get a same quality safety razor at a lower price than if it was manufactured elsewhere.

    You can see my Weishi Razor reviews or click here to find the Weishi razors available now at Amazon…


    So in conclusion, each company makes quality safety razors available in different designs and prices.

    Just like buying a car, you need to decide where you prefer to have your safety razors manufactured at.

    No matter which you pick, you’re sure to get a high quality product that will save you hundreds of dollars and give you a better shave than those ridiculously overpriced multi-bladed cartridge razors!

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